Who We Are

The Performer’s Academy has been in business since 2003. While we specialize in Classes, Camps, and workshops geared toward the entertainment industry, we have a wide breadth of offerings also in Scene Study, Cold Reading, Improv, Voice, TV & Film, and Musical Theater. We are a consortium of professional instructors all specializing in their areas of expertise and we invite you to give our programs a try!

spotStudent Spotlight

Colin Brantell

Since studying at The Performer’s Academy, Colin has book a national Target commercial and a State Farm commercial! We congratulate him on his success!

What Sets Us Apart

Simply put.  Our workshops are taught by real industry professionals who work everyday of their lives in the entertainment industry as film directors, writers, producer and working actors (all make the drive from LA to teach in OC!Our Classes Do NOT cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS….nor should they. We have affordable monthly programs – pay as you go.

No one jumps out at your at a shopping mall and invites you to come audition.  Most of our students come to us on a referral basis

We have industry knowledge – since our staff really does work in the business and many of us are parents of children who worked in the business. Not everyone wants to be a professional actor.

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Performer’s Academy Blog

Paper To Stage – A Competition

Think It, Write It, & We’ll Perform It!


Students submit a story, scene or monologue.  Five submission from each age category will be selected and PERFORMED by Jeff Celentano’s MASTER CLASS ACTORS!  Submission […]

Master Class Program

NEW Classes Added!

Natalie’s Story

This school was created and has continued to flourish because I made every mistake there was when I thought that my daughter was cute enough to model and do commercials. I am a mother of a now 22 year old daughter. When my daughter was 5, I attempted to get her an agent and get her in the “biz”. She was really cute and very animated. What I did not consider was her shy personality (only around others) and her mule like personality (and I say that lovingly).

Everyone told us she reminded them of Brook Shields when she was young. I thought why not give it a shot. I had her when I was 37, did not even think about what college would cost, so I thought that if she booked a commercial or two, she’d have a leg up on tuition.

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Skylar Stecker

Hit Single – Rooftop Appeared on ABC’s “Super Fun Night” with Rebel Wilson

“My son has been studying acting at Performer’s Academy for three years and he absolutely loves it!”

Judith Lowry

“Performer’s Academy was the catalyst in helping my son find his voice, his passion and a strong sense of self!”

Wendy Massey