Natalie’s Story

This school was created and has continued to flourish because I made every mistake there was when I thought that my daughter was cute enough to model and do commercials. I am a mother of a now 27-year-old daughter. When my daughter was five, I attempted to get her an agent and get her in the “biz”. She was really cute and very animated. What I did not consider was her shy personality (only around others) and her mule-like personality (and I say that lovingly).

Everyone told us she reminded them of Brook Shields when she was young. I thought why not give it a shot. I did not even think about what college would cost, so I thought that if she booked a commercial or two, she’d have a leg up on tuition.

I researched several places and wound up paying thousands of dollars for useless portfolio pictures (which I never needed) and was signed by an incompetent “manager” who never got her an agent – all they did was sell me pictures and terrible classes at a “scholarship rate of $900. The “scholarship” was what they came up with when I was about to walk out of their office!

By the time we got any attention from our “reps”, my daughter’s teeth fell out and she looked nothing like her expensive and useless portfolio.

Although my daughter was very pretty, she was 5 years old and very shy. I was told by an agent at Ford that, “she’s cute now, she’ll be cute in six months – get her some training” as she stood in his office, hiding behind my leg and picking her nose!

Regardless of a potential career as a model or actress, I wanted her to be a confident young woman who could speak in public and hold her own in whatever career path she would someday choose. I wanted to put her in an environment that provided classes that are fun and have a solid foundation to nurture their ability to perform and build self-confidence.

Growing up in New Jersey, I attended an amazing family-owned dance school. I loved the family environment, all the classes, and my parents couldn’t keep me away from that school. I danced for 6 days a week for years. I searched for that same type of school in Orange County. I knew I wanted that same type of loving, nurturing, and safe environment for Brianne. When the opportunity presented itself, The Performer’s Academy was created, and it is exactly what I remember as a child.

Not everyone that comes here wants to be in the entertainment industry. Almost half of our student body is here just to experience the art of acting and performing – with no aspirations or goals to be the next child, teen, or mature star. Many parents have shared with us the fact that their child has become more confident, their self-esteem has been boosted and they are having a great time.

Acting skills transcend from the studio to the classroom, to the boardroom, to a courtroom. A monologue is the same thing as an oral book report, a sales presentation, or a closing argument. We do have many adults who take improvisation and scene study classes to assist them in their careers. It’s not uncommon to see attorneys here taking classes to help with their trials, or sales professionals needing to polish their skills for sales presentations.

These skills work – no matter what path you choose in life.

Today we are proud to offer workshops for children, teens, & adults. There’s something for everyone here – so take your time and peruse the site. Call us if you have any questions. (949) 609-1600

– Natalie Costa, Founder