Our Policies

Class pricing is “menu” pricing. You pick the class or classes that you want to attend. There are three payment options. Month to month tuition which requires your first and last month’s tuition plus and $30 enrollment fee at the time of registration. Classes continue and may be cancelled with a 30 day written notice (by email, USPS, or drop your notice off with management). Students may also enroll on a six month or one year program.
All students are required to have a binder (preferably with a clear sleeve on the cover) and a yellow highlighter. All scenes and class material needs to be in that binder and the binder must be brought to each class.
The Performer’s Academy also offers program in advanced level (Master Class Programs) which require and audition to participate into the class. This class is an added fee program. Master Classes consist of top level actors hand selected from the school. Professionalism in behavior and mandatory attendance is required for this class frequent absences or failure to do the work can result in termination from this program.
These are addition fee programs which result in a end of session performance. These programs will have a start and end date. Failure to complete the session or if you drop out, there are no refunds.
We expect students to attend all classes. There are no prorates or credits given for missed classes. We do offer make up classes. Make up classes must be completed within 7 days of the missed class. Make up classes are restricted to certain days. Please see your enrollment packet for specific make-up class dates. Missed classes cannot be accrued.
If a student is ill or has another obligation, we require a phone call to let us know they will miss their class. Please call 949-609-1600 for absences.
Since many of our faculty members currently work in the entertainment industry, they impress upon students how important being punctual is to a set or production. Therefore, lateness is not tolerated. If you are running late for drop off or pick up, please call the studio and inform the teacher.
We require that all students dress appropriate for acting. Clothing should not be distracting, encumbering or provocative. Clothing should be comfortable to allow the student to move without mishap. Clothing should not be the first thing someone notices about you in acting class.
Skirts or Dresses. Small children may wear them with shorts or leggings underneath. No spaghetti straps, tube tops, revealing midriffs, open backs, no bra or see-through garments. No short-shorts, extremely tight pants, no hats, beanies, t-shirts with inappropriate logos or slogans, high heeled boots or shoes. The goal is to be as comfortable as possible and your clothing should allow you to move freely in scenes and performances.
No shirts with messages on them, no sagging pants, no hats or beanies.
Parents may not peer through the windows or sit in the classes while the class is in session. The instructors usually allow parents to watch the last ten minutes of class. This must be confirmed with the instructor before the session starts.
Students are to wait inside the studio for their rides. Please tell your children not to wait alone outside for you. This is for their safety!
Please be prompt to class & to pick up. We realize that sometimes it is difficult to be on time however; expecting the staff to stay late is not acceptable. Most of our faculty resides in Los Angeles and have a long trip home. They are here to teach on time, they also expect parents to be on time for drop off and pick up.
Information Disclosure – We do not rent, sell, or trade any personally identifiable information about you to third parties. Examples of personally identifiable information include names, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, age, phone numbers and the like. In several occasions, we request personally identifiable information from you in order to better identify the needs for class placement, contact and emergency contact information, and safety.
In your enrollment packet you are asked to sign a photographic release. We may use your likeness/image on our website. California law requires us to remove your image within 10 days of written request from you.