What Sets Us Apart

Our Classes Do NOT cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS….nor should they.
We have affordable monthly programs – pay as you go.

No one jumps out at you at a shopping mall and invites you to come audition.

Most of our students come to us on a referral basis

We have industry knowledge – since our staff really does work in the business and many of us are parents of children who worked in the business.

Not everyone wants to be a professional actor.


There are two paths into The Performer’s Academy.

One option is for those that just want to have fun. Period. Classes in acting, improvisation, and monologues build self-esteem, confidence, reading and reading comprehension skills – plus are a great way to left off some steam and have a great deal of fun!  Creativity & confidence soars!

The other path is for those students, young and mature, who want to explore the possibilities of getting into the entertainment industry.  Training here is always top drawer.  The teachers all work in the entertainment industry every day of their lives.  Most of them drive from the Los Angeles area to come to Orange County to teach at The Performer’s Academy.  Their resumes are amazing.  Their passion for teaching is equally amazing.

Either way, there’s something for everyone here at The Performer’s Academy.

Pee-wee through Adults.  It’s all here, in OC, under one roof!

There is no other facility in Orange County that hosts such a faculty of professionals.


Check out all of their resumes on the Teacher’s Page.  They legitimately work in the entertainment industry.