spotOur Students Work

Steven Clark

Congratulations to Steven Clark! Cast member of Emmy winning show “Born This Way” on A&E.   Steven has been taking acting classes for several years and A&E shot scenes for the show featuring Steven in his acting classes here at The Performer’s Academy.  Congrats Steven!  This is truly amazing.  

Edie Youmans

This little spitfire is back on Jimmy Kimmel. She’s regularly featured in his “Unfocused” Focus Group. Edie starred in two commercials for Jimmy’s show. She’s on fire and rightfully so. There is so much talent packed into this little girl!

Colin Brantell

Since studying at The Performer’s Academy, Colin has book a national Target commercial and a State Farm commercial! We congratulate him!

Christopher Harling

Christopher is a working actor who has booked many commercials and shows. He’s currently on YouTube star Shane Dawson’s recent video, with over 3.6 million views!

What Sets Us Apart


Simply put:

  • Our students work!
  • 25 Years of Industry Experience
  • Professional Teaching Staff 
  • Affordable Programs
  • Bonded as required by the State of CA
  • Large variety of classes to choose from

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Founder’s Message

I am a mother first and foremost.  My daughter was a beautiful child with a big personality – but only around those, she knew.  I thought that she was cute enough to do commercials but what I didn’t count on was that she was mortifying shy around strangers.  I am not shy.  How do you teach your child to NOT be shy?  There are no “anti-shy classes”.  I knew at the moment during an audition for Ford, when she decided to hide behind my leg, that I had to do something to help her be a confident self-assured human being.  And so begins our journey.  

Acting classes help her grow her confidence and self-esteem quickly and effectively.  A monologue is the same as an oral book report or presentation in the classroom.  Acting skills work from the classroom throughout life.  

The Performer’s Academy as a wonderful place to learn to perform and take those skills to the stage, screen, classroom or boardroom.

For those that want to pursue a career in the industry, you do need to be trained, you do need to have the desire and ability to get to LA for auditions and the kids have to have good grades to get their work permit.  Most important of all — it has to be “their idea”.

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My son has been studying acting at Performer’s Academy for three years and he absolutely loves it!

Judith L.

Performer’s Academy was the catalyst in helping my son find his voice, his passion and a strong sense of self

Wendy M.

Performer’s has been a great experience for my daughter! It has really built her self-confidence, and her speaking skills have improved greatly. She loves her class with Jeff and all of the friends she has made.

Nicole J.

Love this place! It’s like a second home where kids and teens can have fun and learn! I would recommend it to anyone who has kids that want to build their self confidence and or learn the craft of acting!

Skylar S.

My kids love it here! I really feel like they’re learning so much and having fun at the same time.

Gigi G.

The Performer’s Academy has been amazing for my children. If you are looking for a place to introduce your children to the joys of acting, singing, or if only to broaden their abilities to speak in front of a group, you need to check this place out!

Angie J.

My son has been attending The Performer’s Academy since 2007 and he loves it! It is the only acting/singing school you will find in all of Orange County that provides excellent services for a price that no one else can beat!

Ella S.